About me

I have completed my Master of Architecture degree at Laurentian University, part of the charter class of the McEwen School of Architecture in Sudbury, Ontario. Many of the school’s projects include elements of critical design thinking and design-build while working with real clients and projects in Northern Ontario.

This has led a passion for unique architectural design, focused upon program and space, putting the experience of architecture as precedence.

Past experiences leading as the President of Laurentian Architecture Student Association, has allowed me to engage with the growing student body and develop a supporting foundation for the school and students of Laurentian Architecture.

In the rare opportunity of having spare time during school, I enjoy cooking, playing basketball, and learning new software. Currently, I have an interest in programs influencing architectural visualization (Rendering, Virtual Reality, Holograms, etc.). This has led to a unique style of architectural design and presentation using a broad range of digital skills and visual programs.

Presently I am looking for an intern architect position.

Thank you for visiting this site and I hope you enjoy your stay.